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S1 E1 - Yard Away

The Goblins curiosity gets the best of them as they commandeer Mr. Jones' brand new X5000 riding lawnmower. They get more than they bargain for as Spike the dog chases them through the yard, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Just as the owner of the house realizes whats going on, the Goblins disappear and pin the whole mess on the dog.

S1 E2 - The Big Heist

The Goblins are mesmerized by a classic muscle car parked outside of the local bank. Unaware that its the getaway car for the robbery currently taking place, the bank alarm suddenly goes off! They take off in a mixed up car chase through town with the police and the robbers all in tow.  In the end, the robbers get arrested and the Goblins ride away into the sunset.

S1 E3 - Space Cadets

While mucking around in the sewers, the Goblins poke there heads out of a man hole cover to discover that they are directly under a Russian Space Rocket! As Goblins, it doesn't take them long before they're pummelling towards outer space and wreaking havoc on a space station. After crippling the space station they end up back on earth in the only escape pod, stranding the space crew.

S1 E4 - At the Drive In

Goofing around under the bleachers at the county fair, the Goblins spot the greatest thing they have ever seen in there life; a “Smash Up Derby”. Not ones to exhibit self control, they quickly find themselves in the heart of the competition, showing off their great driving skills amongst the smoke and wreckage. They win the competition, drive by the announcer, grab the trophy and smash out of the arena on to a new adventure.

S1 E6 - At the Track

Dressed as Jockeys, the Goblins find themselves atop a thoroughbred at the starting line, smack in the middle of a horse race. They bomb around the race track grounds tearing up everything in sight, taking out all of the other horses and dispersing most of the crowd along the way. Not only do the Goblins come in first place, they are the only ones to finish the race.

S1 E7 - The Night before Christmas

During a snowball fight on Christmas Eve, the Goblins befriend a sad homeless puppy who is eager to join in. As they frolic in the snow, Earl's attention turns to the warm glow of a house, lovingly decorated for the holidays. Their insatiable appetite for curiosity leads them down the chimney, with the puppy in tow. Inside, the Goblins set off a chain reaction of destruction, leaving no ornament untouched. As morning breaks, the Goblins sneak up the chimney just as the family discovers the night of wreckage. Just as Christmas seems ruined, out of the rubble jumps the puppy. The kids couldn't be happier, the parents couldn't be more puzzled and the Goblins continue down the street with their snowball fight.

S1 E8 - Fast Food

Overwhelmed by the smell of food, the Goblins find themselves sneaking around in a fast food restaurant. The workers haven't got a clue why everything is going wrong. The local health food inspector drops by,  unannounced and things go from bad to worse. The food orders get messed up, garbage gets strewn  everywhere, and the bathroom gets thoroughly trashed. Earl who couldn't stop eating, eventually gets a bad stomach ache and throws up everywhere. Needless to say, the restaurant does not pass inspection and is promptly shut down. The employees get blamed for the catastrophe as the Goblins ride a shopping cart off into the night.

S1 E10 - A Night at the Museum

The Goblins find themselves trapped in a museum after hours, unaware of the robbery taking place right under their nose. The resident security guards are in for a long night, as they take chase after two robbers. Unaware that they are interfering with the chase, the Goblins innocently explore the museum. When the museum opens to the public in the morning, the police find the robbers gift wrapped amongst the carnage, with no Goblins in sight.

S1 E9 – Pirates!

As stowaways on a pirate ship, the Goblins cause a lot of trouble for the Captain and his sea weather crew. The Pirates think the treasure that they just stole is cursed, unaware that its just the Goblins and their antics. In the end, the ship goes down and the crew gets stranded on a small deserted island. The Goblins get away in the only life raft with the treasure.

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